"The teacher is the chief learner in the classroom."
- Donald Graves

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Action Research Report

Paul Stolt
This research project addresses the efficacy of remediating phonemic awareness and phonics skills in elementary students through the use of Apple iPad technology and a McGuffey’s Reader app. Participants in this project were identified based on standardized test scores and teacher recommendations from the 2nd grade student population at Central Park Elementary School in Bentonville, Arkansas. Many students labeled “at risk” prior to 3rd grade have poor skills in these critical areas of reading development. Traditional methods of remediation require disproportional amounts of teacher time and effort relative to the results of the interventions and do little to promote student self-esteem – a critical component of student success. Students were given an initial assessment of nonsense words to gauge their level of phonemic awareness and phonics skills. An identical assessment was used at the conclusion of the project. Students spent six weeks using McGuffey’s Reader app under the supervision of an instructional aide who supported their learning. The participants met twice a week for 20 minutes outside the classroom setting. Results of this study concluded that participants’ skills improved in the areas addressed as well as in self-esteem and engagement in learning.

Full text of action research report can be found here.